The HOME? Heritage project ran from September 2022 to Feb 2024. 

During this time volunteers from the partner organisations learned the Community Reporting methodology

Online Archive Research training was also delivered, in which the wider community learned how to use research tools to gather newspaper stories about; 

  • positive contributions made by the migrant community in the UK
  • positive sentiments shown towards the migrant community. 

The findings created the content for a newspaper story database that is housed on this website

During the Refugee Week in June 2023 the findings from the stories and some of the oral stories were shared with the wider community at events in each of the 5 areas at ‘knowledge exchanges’. These events were important as they allowed the findings from the stories to be shared with the public and professionals in each area to raise awareness of the issues migrants, refugees and asylum seekers face in their communities.

The findings were then shared on a much wider platform at People’s Voice Media’s Pan-Northern Knowledge Exchange Conference in July.


We worked with the following 5 organisations who offer crucial support and guidance to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. 

Refugee Women Connect


Refugee Women Connect (Liverpool) exists because women asylum seekers and refugees face inequality and are denied social justice. Refugee and asylum-seeking women can be vulnerable and isolated, not knowing what their rights are or how to exercise those rights. Their current activities include an extensive outreach programme which incorporates weekly visits to Initial Accommodation Centres and weekly drop-ins where women can access a range of emotional and practical support and activities.
Leed Asylum Seekers Support Network Logo


Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network  (Leeds)  is a registered charity set up in 1999 to respond to the pressing unmet needs of refugees and asylum seekers living in Leeds, many of whom have limited English, experience acute isolation, poor mental health, and prolonged uncertainty over their asylum claim.
Dragons Voice Logo


Dragons Voice (Manchester) are a constituted group of Chinese radio presenters from Greater Manchester. They broadcast from AllFM 96.9, a community radio station based in Levenshulme.
Methodist Asylum Project Logo


Methodist Asylum Project (Middlesbrough) offers practical support and social opportunities to those seeking asylum in Middlesbrough, and to refugees. They have been working with asylum-seekers and refugees locally since 2002.
Global Link Logo


Global Link (Lancaster) is a Development Education Centre (DEC) based in Lancaster, UK. They run workshops, exhibitions, training and other events in schools, colleges and the wider community on global citizenship issues such as diversity, human rights, migration, fairtrade, climate change and sustainable development. They also provide a range of support services and integration activities for refugees and asylum seekers.
No Accomidation Network Logo


The No Accommodation Network - NACCOM (UK) - is a national network of over 130 frontline organisations and charities across the UK, working together to end destitution amongst people seeking asylum, refugees and other migrants who aren’t able to access public funds because of their immigration status.